What will a Decra® roof cost?

The cost of the Decra® roof depends on location and the complexity of your roof’s design. But remember you will always need to calculate the pricetag of a roof as a whole. Including accessories, installation etc., and make your calculations based on the long term service life of your roof. You may pay a bit more now, but you will reap the benefits later. You will not need to replace your Decra® roof after only one or two decades, as in the case of some other, cheap rooftiles.

Re-roofing has additional costs, such as the reinforcing or removal and disposal of the old roof in case you purchase heavy clay or concrete tiles. Since Decra® can even be up to 7-times lighter than those, you may be able to use your current roof structure. If you live in a coastal or high-wind location, a Decra® roof is likely to be less expensive than any other type of roof, because it won’t require special materials or fastenings to cope with extreme conditions.