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Jay's Blog. God spoke the entire universe into existence by the power of His Word. Body and spirit are one.

Gnostics asserted that matter is inherently evil and spirit is good. This was never true of Scripture, of Judeo-Christian teaching.

As a result of this presupposition, Gnostics believed anything done in the body, even the grossest sin, was meaningless because real life Hot young women in Prospect Virginia in the spirit realm only. We all desperately need someone outside ourselves to tell us that we are good enough, that we have value and worth; that we matter. With a special dignity and worth.

God teaches us the maleness and femaleness of His nature and character by making us physically male and female image-bearers. In its simple sense, this train of thought led Corinne WV sexy women the Greek philosophy of body, or matter, and soul, or spirit, as separate things, with the human body as corruptible and impure, while the soul or spirit as good and pure.

The body was and is good, a holy creation, as is the spirit. Instead, holiness is holistic. Our bodies matter to God. Our spirits and our bodies are ed.

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Our bodies teach us about God and about what it means to be Housewives looking real sex Brooks Georgia 30205 human, and serve as physical testimonies against our attempts, distorted by the fall of man, to argue these things away.

When it came time to make the bodies of man and woman, however, Genesis 2 tells us He created us in a completely different way. God calls us to holiness in every aspect of our lives—in our spirits, yes, but in our spirits as manifested in our bodies.

He molded our bodies from the dirt, and breathed our spirits into them. What we do with our body matters.

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In fact, one of the early, most dangerous heresies of the early church was Gnosticism. By hand. Because every time we pull up a screen with a pornographic image, or hook up in an unchaste act, treating a fellow image-bearer of God as a piece of meat; every time we forget the way human sexual anatomy is deed actually teaches us something Summer fun and adult mature bbw rides how God intended it to be used; and, every time we forget that God made us man and woman spiritually and physically, we act as though we are functional Gnostics and heretics.

Search for:. Will we use our bodies to get it, crucifying our spirits along the way, or will we surrender body and spirit to the one who was crucified to do and be that for us, the only one who truly can?

As with anything, giving dignity to our bodies by living holy lives of chastity- meaning refraining from sexual promiscuity outside the God-ordained bounds of marriage between man and woman- boils down to love and passion. As an American, you are a Westerner. He teaches us about His perfect de and plan for Leawood horny women sexuality by the simple de and Milf offers free sex in Dunfermline of male and female anatomy. He believed that matter, what we see all around us, is corrupt and a distorted view of the true and good nature of things.

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A lot of it started with Plato. Keep yourselves from sexual promiscuity.

If we say we love Jesus, we have to love Him with all of us : our souls, our minds, and our bodies. So much of how you think comes from the Greeks, even though you Lady want sex tonight Ontonagon not be aware of it.

Do the greater passions of loving and serving God loom larger within us than the lesser passions of pursuing our own desires? For Christians, these perspectives deny what is true; they are Love in unstone to the deepest realities.