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Nitrogen Oxides, commonly referred to as NOx, are harmful pollutants, produced during fuel combustion in car engines and many other manufacturing processes. There are a number of areas within the UK which commonly exceed the legal limits for nitrogen dioxide levels.

NOx pollution can cause significant health issues. NOx mainly impacts on respiratory conditions causing inflammation of the airways at high levels. Long term exposure can decrease lung function, increase the risk of respiratory conditions and increases the response to allergens. NOx also contributes to the formation of fine particles (PM) and ground level ozone, both of which are associated with adverse health effects.

Noxite granules have been proven to dramatically reduce the level of atmospheric NOx. Decra have now produced a Decra Classic tile with Noxite granules combining the long-lasting lifetime of the Decra Classic tile with the de-polluting properties of the Noxite granules: Clean air for life.

Decra Noxite Classic tiles are available in the charcoal colour, the tile comprises of galvanised steel tile panels with multi-layer coatings of epoxy, acrylic and stone granules, plus a Noxite layer.

The Noxite system has the appearance of traditional clay or concrete roofing tiles. It is suitable for roof pitches from 12° to vertical.

Features and benefits

  • Cleans the air effectively.
  • One-seventh the weight of traditional roof tiles.
  • Labour costs reduced due to speed of fixing.
  • Easily used on all types of roof shape.
  • Versatile - can be used on for roof pitched from 12° to vertical.


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The Decra Noxite® process - from harmful NOx molecules to clean air

Noxite® is one of Decra’s biggest innovations of the past few years. Noxite® roofing tiles purify harmful NOx.

Decra Noxite air-purifying roof tile

The surface stone granules of the Decra Noxite® tiles are coated with titanium dioxide which functions as a catalyst in the process of changing the NOx molecules into harmless levels of nitrates. The process is activated when ultraviolet radiation from the sun hits the titanium dioxide particles, releasing energy for breaking down the NOx molecules. Polluted air passes over the Decra Noxite tiles where the NOx molecules are converted into harmless levels of water, carbon dioxide and nitrates, which are then washed away by the rain.

As you can see in the video demonstration below, Decra Noxite improves public health, and the environment, as the harmful pollutant is neutralised from the environment.

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