Decra roof tiles

Decra Elegance Satin Colour Chart

Decra Elegance Tiles smooth satin finish stylishly emulates the appearance and texture of clay roof tiles. It even feels like clay to the touch. The system, which is available in a range of colours, comprises of coated, zinc aluminium magnesium galvanised steel tile panels with a unique four process coating system providing a depth and opacity of lustre unparalleled in the metal roofing industry.

Decra_Elegance_Terracotta   Elegance Matt Black
Magnify IconTerracotta (32)   Magnify IconMatt Black (71)
Elegance_terracotta   Elegance_graphit
Magnify IconBrown (33)   Magnify IconGraphite (31)
Decra Elegance Brick Matt (35)   Elegance Red
Magnify IconBrick Matt (35)
  Magnify IconRed Amethyst (39)


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    Decra roof tiles