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Technical Data - Decra Elegance Acoustic S


Decra Elegance Acoustic S Tile - Data File
Minimum pitch 12°
Maximum pitch 90°

Size of tile - overall (w x h) 1324mm x 410mm
Size of tile - cover (w x h) 1260mm x 373mm (7 module tile/each module 180mm wide)
Thickness steel 0,43mm
Type of steel + composition ZM250 g/m2
Coverage 0,465 m2 per element (2,15 elements per m2)

Weight per element 2,72 kg (for 0,43mm)
Weight per m² 5,85 kg (for 0,43mm)

Decra Fixings Decra® fixing recommended
Fixings per element 4 pieces (10 per m2)

Batten distance 373mm
Center distance battens (max.) Minimal batten thickness (recommended)
600mm 38mm x 30mm (h x w)
900mm 50mm x 30mm (h x w) 
1200mm 50mm x 50mm (h x w)
Usage See installation guide

Weather resistance
Snow load     Until 1400 kg/m2
UV-resistant Colourfast by Qualicoat Class 2
Waterproof at: A pitch of 12° rain intensity 2 L/m2 at a wind speed of 14 m/sec
Noise (directly under the roof
during heavy rain)
Li = 67 dB

Package elements per pallet
0,43mm steel 320 elements


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