Decra roof tiles

Decra Elegance Acoustic S Satin Roof Tile

Decra Elegance Acoustic S offers the same profile, performance and colour range as the standard Elegance Tile but with an even higher level of sound-proofing. The improved acoustic characteristics are achieved by the application of bituminous magnetic acoustic foil patch to the rear of the tile.

Decra Elegance lightweight satin roof tiles provide an attractive and economic finish for all types of roof from 12° pitch to vertical. The system, which is available in a wide range of colours, comprises of coated, zinc aluminium magnesium galvanised steel tile panels with a unique four process coating system providing a depth and opacity of lustre unparalleled in the metal roofing industry.

A comprehensive choice of roofing accessories completes the lightweight roofing system which is totally dry fixed throughout. Each roof tile has a downturned front edge and an up-turned rear edge, and is profiled to provide a strong overlapping and interlocking roof covering.

Decra’s lightweight roofing tiles are produced in large format. This enables faster installation with fewer fixings compared to traditional tile or slate roofing, but with none of the inherent disadvantages of long run roofing sheets.

Once installed Decra lightweight roof tiles provide a durable weathertight and low maintenance roof, ideal for new build and refurbishment.

Decra tiles are available in a wide choice of colours.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique bituminous magnetic acoustic foil patch to the rear of the tile improves soundproofing.
  • Appearance and texture closely emulates man made clay roof tiles.
  • Less than one-eighth the weight of traditional clay or concrete tiles.
  • Versatile – can be used for roof pitched from 12° to vertical.
  • Satin coating offers higher colour stability and durability than traditional paint finishes
  • Easier for installers to mark out tile and to cut and bend tile into shape.
  • Lighter than stone coated products – even more design flexibility.
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Decra Elegance Satin Tiles

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    Decra roof tiles