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Decra Classic Colour Chart - Now 3 new colours!

Decra Classic tiles have a stone granular finish which is ceramically colour glazed with coloured silicates fired in a oven at 1100° C, this ceramic process gives the Decra tile far greater colour stability than can normally be obtained using pigmented dye or paint finishes that are prevalent in the manufacture of concrete tile and man made slates.

New colours available

Decra® introduces three new colours to the Decra® Classic product range.
The new colours are available as from April 2013 and come with the standard accessories range, the 15 x 15 exhaust ventilation tile and 75 ventilation tile.

The three new colours (click to enlarge this pictures): 
Mole Brown Sand Green
Decra Classic Mole Brown Deca Classic Sand Green
Red Mediterranean
 Decra Classic Red Mediterranean  

Other available colours:
Provence Black
Classic Provence Classic Black
Antique Red Shiny Black
Classic Antique Red Classic Shiny Black
Terracotta Antique Grey
Classic Red Terracotta Classic Antique Grey
Teak Light Grey
Classic Teak Light Grey
Pepperstone Sea Green
Classic Pepperstone Classic Sea Green