Secured By Design

Secured by Design

Secured By Design (SBD) is the UK Police initiative supporting the principles of “designing out crime” through the use of effective crime prevention and security standards for a range of applications. SBD is owned by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

Secured By Design supports one of the Governments key planning objectives - the creation of secure, quality places where people wish to live and work.

Secured By Design Benefits

  • Secured By Design Works, research shows that SBD developments are half as likely to be burgled and show a reduction of 25% in criminal damage.
  • Secured By Design assists in the reduction of green house gases, crime is a green issue, equating to 2% of the UK’s total CO2 output. Read more
  • Secured By Design provides an important contribution towards meeting the standards set out in the Governments Code for Sustainable Homes.

Decra and Secure By Design

Decra has become the first roofing systems supplier in the UK to win Secured By Design certification … and particular praise from the Secured by Design organisation. 
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Secured By Design Roof Specification

In 2006 Decra became the first UK roofing manufacturer to be awarded the internationally recognised Secured by Design accreditation: the Association of Chief Police Officers’ initiative to ‘design out crime’.

We consider it a testament to our system that Decra is still the only roofing product to meet the exacting and challenging standards set out by Secured By Design.

Police Preferred Secured By Design Specifications are available for the Decra Classic Tile, Decra Stratos Tile, Decra Plus Tile and Decra Elegance with enhanced Decra security fittings. The installation and specification of the Decra roof system to meet Secured By Design is to a slightly different method than illustrated in the other areas of this website.

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