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When it comes to roofing, sometimes looks can be deceptive. Decra lightweight roof tiles performs even better than they look and deliver a wide range of benefits no other traditional roofing or lightweight roofing system can offer: 

  • A track record of over 30 years of delivering quality lightweight roofing products and quality service to our customers.
  • Lightweight roofing tiles are a Decra invention, we invented the lightweight roofing metal tile concept and as a consequence our technical support and “know how” is unparalleled by any other.
  • Low whole life cost of ownership when compared to more traditional roofing products.
  • The widest range of lightweight roofing tiles, accessories and colours.
  • The Decra lightweight roofing system is environmentally friendly, has a high recycled content and can be easily recycled.
  • Over 50 years of ‘in use’ experience in all roofing environments, with over 55 million m² of roof tiles installed throughout Europe.  

Decra is part of the BMI Group

BMI GroupBMI Group, a combination of Braas Monier and Icopal, is the largest manufacturer of flat and pitched roofing and waterproofing solutions throughout Europe. With over 150 production facilities in Europe, parts of Asia and South Africa the company unites over 150 years of experience. More than 11,000 employees in 40 countries give established brands such as Braas, Bramac, Cobert, Coverland, Decra, Icopal, Klöber, Monarflex, Monier, Redland, Schiedel, Siplast, Vedag, Villas, Wierer and Wolfin a face to the customer.

The BMI Group is headquartered in London and generated revenues of more than EUR 2 billion in 2016.


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    Decra roof tiles